Carpet Cleaning Company

Haydar Hussein

Under the inspired leadership of Haydar Hussein, the Jim’s Cleaning Group in general and the Carpet Cleaning Division in particular has thrived – and it is still growing at a phenomenal rate.

History of Jim’s Carpet Cleaning

Haydar had moulded a very impressive Group – Jim’s Cleaning and the Franchisees undertook all manner of Cleaning work. But Haydar knew that to take his vision to the next level he needed specialists in each of the different cleaning areas.
With a terrific base of Jim’s Cleaning where dedicated Professionals did all the day to day cleaning both in domestic and commercial environments – Haydar launched Jim’s Car Cleaning, Jim’s Carpet Cleaning, Jim’s Window Cleaning and Jim’s Pressure and Blind Cleaning. Each of these specialist cleaning Divisions building of the firm foundations laid down by the Jim’s Cleaning Division.

Jim’s Carpet Cleaning – A Truly Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Jim’s Carpet Cleaning have almost 100 Franchisees throughout Australia offering a wide range of specialist cleaning services. As a carpet cleaner within the Jim’s Carpet Cleaning division professionalism, integrity and quality of work are of utmost importance. The range of services include Carpet Cleaning ; both dry and steam clean , upholstery cleaning , leather cleaning, vinyl stripping and sealing, water damage restoration, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, drape cleaning and mattress cleaning.

As Haydar says “If you are not 100% committed to an idea you are only fiddling about. Put 110% into your business and make it fun. The more fun you have the more money you’ll make”

Jim Penman

Yes there is a Jim and he is Dr David James Penman or as he is referred to simply as Jim. Jim started the Mowing Division and this is still the most successful Division within the Jim’s Group. Jim had started the Cleaning Division but was held back by a general lack of knowledge in that area. He knew the potential was enormous.

He met Haydar Hussein and was immediately struck by his drive and determination. With just 6 Cleaning Franchisees Jim has seen this figure grow to almost 500 as at May 2011 under Haydar’s expert guidance and support.

Jim’s Cleaning Franchisees are rated by our clients and we take complaints very seriously indeed. Even if a Franchisee is 5 minute’s late for a job and doesn’t let the client know, the client can make a complaint which is logged by our system. Other Companies would not regard this as a complaint but we certainly do. As a result we continually improve our service excellence and as a result we average one complaint per Franchisee per Year – which is especially impressive considering our Franchisees can easily service over a thousand jobs a year.