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Duct Cleaning

We are more than just Carpet Cleaning .

When you need your duct cleaning done then please remember our friendly team.
Your heating ducts and filters can be a source of dirt and harmful allergens and if you don’t clean thoroughly then they could potentially make you and your family sick.

Our systems are proven, safe and thorough so please let our skilled technicians respond to your duct cleaning needs.

We use the latest technology and state of the art equipment to achieve the best results for your duct cleaning. We use specialized brushes that dislodge dirt from the duct work then we block off all of the ducts in turn as we thoroughly vacuum the insides of your duct work. We then apply a special anti–allergen in an aerosol form that penetrates through your duct work ensuring all harmful pathogens will not harm you or your family.

We also thoroughly clean your filter and return assembly ensuring trouble free operation until your next duct clean has been booked.

Let our skilled technicians restore the beauty back into your Ducts.

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