Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast



Originally Con was a franchisee for Jim’s Antennas in Sydney and only later purchased a Cleaning franchise in Sydney. His experience in Jim’s Group showed him the enormous benefit of being a part of an established and reputable franchise system. With a strong desire to grow his business the opportunity of becoming a regional franchisor for Jim’s Cleaning and Carpet cleaning arose.

To his name are the following regions: Jim’s Cleaning Sydney North East, Jim’s Cleaning Sydney North Shore and Eastern Suburbs and Jim’s Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Under his steady leadership, his team of 27 franchisees is flourishing due to his commitment to franchisee support and satisfaction.

Con attributes his success to setting high standards for himself, his customers and his franchise team. Con’s goal was to grow his business and the way to do this was to support his franchisees in the best ways and keep them happy and this attracts potential franchisees.

Con’s presence to Jim’s Carpet Cleaning has been enormous. In a short time frame developed his carpet cleaning business and had great achievements. Con states that “I am glad that I joined Jim’s Cleaning and Jim’s Carpet Cleaning there is great potential for other individuals and I feel there is a sense of satisfaction when I support my franchisees and help them achieve their goals”

Jim’s Carpet Cleaning Represents Australia’s best team of specialists.